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Just like almost every Aussie, Corey had the flu this year. But his is lingering a little unusually. See, Corey had the flu 5 months ago and ever since, his right ear keeps popping…

Corey keeps doing the whole hold-nose-and-blow tactic to unblock them, but his ear immediately pops again!

So Corey took himself to the GP like a mature adult to get a diagnosis. And you know what the GP said?

“You’re getting old mate, that’s just how it is.”

Corey is 25, is that old?

Keep in mind Corey is 25. So the GP has just written him off… at 25! Corey doesn’t want to live the rest of his days with this ear-syndrome, he’s not accepting that “this is just how it is”.

So Corey needs your help family, instead of going back to the GP he thought he might just ask the family! So listen to Corey describing the situation below and see if you can give him a diagnosis? Let us know on our socials.


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