Coping with anxiety in a pandemic

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 9:29 am
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Bec and Jeziel had Clinical Psychologist and Managing Director of Janice Dommisse Consulting on the show to talk about coping with anxiety in a pandemic.

Janice has noticed that anxiety has increased dramatically during the pandemic. You may need help with anxiety if you find yourself feeling triggered a lot easier. “So normally you would be able to cope with a bit of waiting in the traffic. Now suddenly you’re short tempered and smaller things are triggering you.” She also recommended listening to your family or loved ones, if they notice a change in your behaviour. “Listen, let your critics be your coaches.” 

Anxiety can stem from unpredictable situations, as a part of our brain tells us we are in danger. “Suddenly we don’t know what is gong to happen next week. A deeper sense of the brain is saying I’m not safe.” If you are feeling anxious try talking a walk, exercise everyday and eating a balanced diet.

“We have the choice to be selectively focusing on light…There is an active choice – you can push the brains energy into light or dark. Support each other so there is a sense of unity.”

Listen to the full chat below. If you require further assistance, please contact your local GP or Lifeline.

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