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Consumer Protection is reminding shoppers of their rights to help them find the best gift for Mother’s Day.

Executive Director for Consumer Protection Trish Blake, is encouraging  shoppers to research their options before buying. “Consumer research may involve exploring the internet, looking in catalogues, visiting different stores, talking to store attendants, checking reviews, and discussing your purchase with family and friends.”

Some traders use a marketing technique called ‘was/now pricing’, stating that an item’s price has been reduced. This type of marketing can make people rush a purchase because they think it’s a bargain. “While this is a legitimate way for traders to advertise, it is a breach of the Australian Consumer Law if the trader quotes a ‘was’ price that has never been offered before, or if it had only been offered for sale at the higher price for a very short period,” Ms Blake said. “Always check a trader’s returns and refund policy if not 100 per cent sure about a gift. If buying online, consumers should make sure they know where they are buying from as well as delivery timeframes.”

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