Consumer Protection’s Christmas Shopping Tips

Thursday, December 2, 2021 4:06 pm
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The countdown to Christmas has begun and so has the busy shopping period. Tianne, Consumer Protection General Manager of Retail, joined Mike to share what consumers should know this festive season. Christmas Shopping

Internet Scams

While rushing to finish your Christmas shopping, avoid getting wrapped up in scams. Like fake websites or social media accounts that trick people into a buying a product they will never receive. Over 200 WA shoppers have fallen for this scam, losing $700 000 in total! Although the WA ScamNet team work hard to remove these fake websites and social media pages, they can easily reappear. Capitalising on products that are high in demand. “They’re selling a range of goods including motor homes, exercise bikes, all your popular electronic devices. But also puppies, pets and farm machinery. Anything that is popular.”

Fake websites have started to look more professional, they might even steal the identity of a well-known retailer or brand. But a dead giveaway is low prices. “If it seems too good to be true, it often isn’t true.” You can also inspect the quality of the website by checking for spelling errors or poorly edited images. The best warning sign is if the method of payment involves an electronic transfer or cryptocurrency. “Only pay by a credit card or a secure method such as PayPal. Then there is an opportunity to get your money back if things go wrong.” 

Shipping Delays

Australia post has implemented extra services to prepare for the busy period, but be aware of shipping and delivery delays. “When placing an order it’s best to confirm the timeframe of delivery and keep a record of your transaction by printing or taking a screenshot of your order confirmation.” But if you are worried your items won’t come in time, support local businesses. Gift cards are an easy Christmas present but Consumer Protections recommends giving cash instead. “If the business goes bust, you’ll struggle to redeem it.”

Extended Open hours

Shopping hours will be extended this festive season, starting this Sunday the 5th of December.

  • Sunday and Public Holidays: 8AM-6PM
  • Saturdays: 8AM-6PM

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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