Consumer Protection’s advice on tenancy issues

Friday, March 18, 2022 9:53 am
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Consumer Protection took legal action against Rolf Gerard Voulon and his company Starland Management Pty Ltd of Burswood, trading as Perth Room Rentals.

It related to his standard contracts signed by short-term renters. Who stayed at six of his properties in West Perth, Leederville, Burswood and Wilson. The Supreme Court ordered Mr Voulon to pay $5,000, and $1,500 to one of his renters as a refund of retained bond money and rent in advance. Debbie Butler, Consumer Protection’s Principal Communication and Education Officer, joined Mike to tell us more.

Each time you purchase a product you are entering a legally binding agreement. That comes with its own terms and conditions. The Australian Consumer Law protects consumers from unfair terms but a final decision can only be reached by a court.


Other holiday and short-stay accommodation providers should review their current contracts to ensure they are fair. The following questions may help identify an unfair contract term:

  • Does the term cause a significant imbalance between your rights and obligations and those of the business?
  • Is the term necessary to protect the interests of the business?
  • Would the term cause you detriment if the business tried to enforce it?
  • How transparent is the term?

If you think you’ve encountered an unfair contract term, contact Consumer Protection on 1300 30 40 54 or [email protected]

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