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One of the best parts of the Royal Show, is the hundreds of shows bags for kids to choose from.Royal Show

Consumer Protection has checked over 100 bags to ensure they are safe for kids. Conciliation Coordinator, Margaret Pinkus, joined Mike to talk about what the product inspectors found. Product safety inspectors look for items that appeal to small children but pose a risk of injury.

Although the majority of show bag contents were fine, they did discover some concerning items. Such as a toy torch that contained three small button batteries. After the drop test (dropping the torch from 1 metre height), the button batteries came loose. Which posed a serious burn risk to small children. Along with some projectile toys that posed a choking risk and didn’t have the required warning labels.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your child is safe to use all the items in their show bag. But if you do stumble upon a product that concerns you, don’t let your child have it and report it to Consumer Protection. “Ultimately, if you’re not comfortable with an item in the show bag don’t let your children have it.” Their product safety officers also attend the Royal Show everyday to monitor product safety.

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