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Community organisations have folded or are getting smaller. Fewer people are going to church or other social clubs. Less and less people volunteer. If the trends say we are intent on being a part of community, where do we make those connections today in the modern world?

Allan Tranter from Creating Communities asked this tough question this morning, highlighting that the more we are connected to people, especially as we get older, the better the quality of our life is.

So are you a connector or a dis-connector? It isn’t as hard as it sounds though, and Allan gave a simple check list to define if you’re a connector or a dis-connector:

  1. Do you say hello to people when you’re out and about?
  2. Do you walk along with your head held high instead of looking down at a screen?
  3. Do you smile smile at people?
  4. Do you say thank you at the shops?
  5. Do you stop and talk with people at the school drop-off?

If you answered NO to most of these questions, you’re probably a dis-connector, but you can change that by practicing these simple things every day!

Here’s the full discussion with Allan below:

You can hear Allan Tranter every Wednesday after 8:30 on Brekky with Kirste and Morro.

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