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Bec is usually okay with people telling off her kids when they are doing something wrong. “If they’re at the park and my child hurts someone else and their parents sees it.” But a recent incident has left her a bit cranky.when did a stranger tell your kid off

Yesterday on Drive, Bec wanted to ask the family when did a stranger tell your kid off? She visited a homeware store with her children and was immediately greeted by a sales person who warned Bec’s children not to touch anything as they have lots of sharp items.. “There wasn’t lots of sharp things…It wasn’t even an expensive store!

A bit confused, they walked around the store and Bec made sure her kids were careful. But when the sales person was trying to sell them a bin, Bec’s middle child reached their hand out in curiosity. “One of my kids went to touch the top of a bin and she goes NO, and puts her arm out before they’d done anything.” Bec feels the sales person was stepping over a boundary by telling off her child. Jeziel also agrees “She shouldn’t have stepped in there. If your kid breaks it fair enough you pay for it, but you don’t need to jump in.

When did a stranger tell your kid off?  Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below.

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