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On Summer Brekky, Mike & Rach chat about the proposed compulsory civil service scheme.


Amongst the devastation of the fires on our east coast, the global support our country is receiving is overwhelming. From A-star celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Pink donating millions to the appeal to everyday Aussies giving what they can. Everybody is using whatever means they have to help in this national crises.  America and Canada have even shipped over some of their own firefighters to help defeat the blaze.

Mike Kelly, a backbencher from the Labor party, believes he has the right idea to source the manpower before a crisis like this hits.

Mike Kelly MP suggests compulsory service

Mike Kelly.

Kelly a former Australian Defence Force Officer and current member for Eden-Monaro (south NSW) is suggesting a compulsory 12 months civil service scheme for school leavers.

The suggestion came after Kelly had seen the average age of the volunteer fire firies, fighting these bush fires. It was found the average age of these volunteers is 50! Kelly admits this idea is controversial but he believes we need more young people on these teams to tackle future disasters.

As an incentive, Kelly suggests the “gap year” could offer a tax-free daily income or paying HECS or VET fees.

The idea is that all High School graduates to be absorbed into the CDC (Civil Defence Corps) on leaving school for one year. After that, they would attend an annual refresher course and be required to maintain their participation when conditions demanded it (like this bushfire crisis) until the age of 40.

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