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Term 3 of the school year is notorious for an increase in pressure for our kids. Whether that is in school, at home, or on the sporting field, performance anxiety is real for our kids.

Jodii Maguire from Think! Performance Psychology joins Kirste and Morro on Brekky every fortnight to discuss equipping our kids with practical tool to remain mentally healthy, and this week she offered 3 tips to help.

Anxiety, which is rooted in fear and worry, is triggered by kids observing people around them and assessing whether they are performing well or not.

This comes in the form of classroom pressure from teachers or student comparison, parents worrying if their child is not doing enough study, and performance on the sports field. Individuals who lack confidence are particularly vulnerable to performance anxiety.

So here are some tips to help equip your child with anxiety:

  1. Ensure your child is getting enough sleep
  2. Help them to effectively manage their time
  3. A healthy intake of food and water

These are all things that parents can naturally take care of to improve a child grappling with anxiety.

Listen to the full interview with Jodii Maguire here:

Jodii joins Kirste and Morro on Brekky fortnightly on a Thursday.


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