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Daniel Principe, youth advocate and educator with Collective Shout.

Daniel partners with schools and communities to challenge porn culture and the sexualisation of women and girls. He works with young men across Australia to reimagine healthy expressions of masculinity. This is an important message of hope in a very sexualised world, where pornography and the impact of porn culture are being compounded on our young people as they try to make sense of themselves. A 14-year-old boy wrote this email to Daniel after Collective Shout visited his school:

“It really changed the way I see the world right now and that we, as the people living right now, can change so much of it if everyone was just on the right track and understanding that a billion dollar company (the Porn Industry) just isn’t going to help us in any way shape or form and is just going to harm us and others. Being a good person doesn’t just mean being kind or friendly it means being mentally healthy and stopping people from doing things that just aren’t right. I thank you for coming here and sharing information that I never thought of.”

Want Collective Shout to visit your school? You can learn more here. Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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