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Every day Kirste, Dan and Producer Leon serve up a yummy, yummy dish of Newsli. (Like Muesli, get it?)

Coles has revealed the reason why skinless onions are only sold in WA. For years social media users have questioned why the onions are peeled. “Are we getting lazier or what #Australia?!” But a Coles spokesperson has recently cleared up the mystery. “Due to local growing conditions, onion skin quality differs to those grown in the eastern states. So in WA, Coles sells red and white onions without the skin in a range that is unique to that state.”

Kev from finance has taken over Domino’s Facebook page. “Hi all, Kevin from finance here to answer questions for next hour, cheers.” This was follwed by a strange chain of updates to over 1 million followers

Three paper plane enthusiasts in South Korea have broken a Guinness World Record. When they flew a paper plane 252 feet and 7 inches.

Image: Guinness World Record

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