Coast to Coast 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018 10:35 am
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Yesterday afternoon Mel & Jeziel spoke to 98five legend Rodney Olsen. After 25 years of serving at the station Rodney now works for Compassion as the relationships manager but also their in house cyclist!

Every year Rodney hosts ‘Coast to Coast’ an event in which he can combine his two passions, cycling and children. On September 25th along side 25 other cyclists he will head off to ride 4300km over 28 days to raise money for highly vulnerable children within the Compassion program. These children are highly vulnerable because they have lost their parents, face exploitation or have special needs. These children have been sponsored but unfortunately their needs outweigh what their faithful sponsors can contribute.

These funds will go towards immediate housing, nutritional supplements, essential living supplies, counseling, social support or even legal help were people need to be prosecuted and brought to justice.

“I went to Ethiopia, and met little Immanuel, while we were in the house which was just a small room with a dirt floor and corrugated iron around which was all they had and his mother said to us through tears ‘if it weren’t for Compassion, neither of us would still be alive’. “

The team are already well on their way to the goal of $200’000 with $135’000 raise and 40 new children sponsored! If you would like to support this vision jump over to the Coast to Coast website.

Or if you would like to get hands on and be apart of this experience, Rodney is looking for more people to join the support team – specifically anyone with photography or videography skills. If you are interested please get in contact with The Drive team via email, and they can pass you onto Rodney!

Have a listen to the full interview below.


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