Coach Corner with Emily Dickinson

Friday, August 16, 2019 3:28 pm
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For the last two weeks we’ve had Emily Dickinson on the Drive show to help coach us through the ups, downs and in-betweens of life.

Before Emily jumped into coaching us this week we wanted to find out a bit about the coach. Emily Dickinson, as you may have noticed has an accent and you may have wondered where she is from originally.

Wonder no longer! She is a Tennessee girl, a southern belle here in the big Aus. Emily travels a bit with her work because Novus is based in LA so she travels back on occasion.

Coaching us Emily acts as our life coach but she is also an executive coach. As an executive coach she can work with individuals and companies.

“So I really help people run further, faster and help them get out of the things that are blocking them from achieving the things in their life that they want to achieve,” described Emily. “So whether that be in their career or their relationships.”

Executive Coach v Life Coach

What is the difference between an executive coach and a life coach? Well, I’m glad you asked.

There are similar but for Emily the difference would be that she works with corporations and the individuals of the company.

“At Novus we work with individuals through to 40 billion dollar companies. So we’ve worked with Starbucks and Disney and the Rockefella group in New York. So there are all kinds of great chances to impact people on all different levels,” said Emily.

Do people really need a coach in their corner?

Some people may only think life coaches are for those who are struggling with what they are going to do next or what they want to do for work. These are common things to get a life coach for but it is good for everyone to reflect and let’s face it, it is really hard to do surgery on yourself so to speak so having someone else guide you can be really helpful.

The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt says ‘everybody needs a coach’.


Everyone will value and be motivated by different things. For a life coach it is their job to lead you to find out what your motivators are and work out how not to compromise your own values in what you are doing.

“We have what we call the Four I’s and those are the primary motivators for people generally,” said Emily.

The first of the Four I’s is impact. Many people may want to do this one-on-one or as a global impact where you want to impact lots of people. This can happen on many levels and may be your driving force in life.

Income is the next motivator, followed by intimacy. This is the intimacy of your relationships, not romantically speaking but the relationships with people you of whom you work directly. As an example, the pastor of a small church may not want the church to exceed a certain number of people so that he can build close relationship with all of the congregation and know all of its members personally.

The final I is integrity. This is all about the authenticity you have with yourself as a person and staying true to that.

According to Emily, “To have all four of these (motivators) in spades is to live an extraordinary life. So it’s fantastic to have close relationships, to make the money that you want and to make the impact you want and to make the impact you want and to be true to yourself, they are all fantastic but generally speaking humans have one or two primary motivating drivers.”

So how do the Four I’s benefit you?

The Four I’s encourage soul searching and can be a great way for you to figure out what is important to you. Look at 95 year old you and think about what you would regret doing or not doing.

Tune in every Tuesday to hear more from Emily Dickinson!

Written by Rebecca Low.

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