What has 2020 been like for The Church?

Thursday, November 12, 2020 11:38 am
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Obviously 2020 has been a massively unusual year. We could go through all the words: unprecedented, unexpected, unanticipated. But, we’ve been hearing a lot of hope stories, we’ve been hearing some positive stories that’s come out of these time. As church leaders, what has given you hope this year?

“I think whenever there’s disruption, there’s opportunity. That’s what we found, I think in the disruption, we’ve found an opportunity to reach people in ways that we never would have thought. But the disruptions actually accelerated some of those ideas, those innovations, some of those creative things that we’re doing online has obviously been something that a lot of churches have reached into and so have we. It’s created this extra platform, this layer, this window, this shop window, that we never thought that it was possible for the church for people to discover faith.

And previously, you know, we’ve created barriers to people exploring faith, I think this is removed another barrier and made it accessible. And so online Church has been a fantastic way for people to actually check out anonymously what this Christian faith is all about, without, without fear, or any kind of sense of intimidation.” said Pastor Ken Lee of Nations Church.

Pastor Ken and Chrissy Lee of Nations Church join us for Radiothon

At the start of the pandemic, we watched Churches all across our city have to close their doors. But as they migrated to online services, here at 98five we realised we had an opportunity to use our platforms to connect the people of Perth to these onlines services. So we reached out to churches all across Perth and asked for their services details so that we could make a full list of the places people could stream or tune into a service online. We then shared the list across the air waves and social media. We had so many email responses it was hard to keep up! During the pandemic over 6,000 people made use of this list.

It’s literally written into our vision statement, 98five is here “to work with the local church, to connect people to the local church”. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to continue this work. So if you value this faith-filled radio station and the work we do in the community, support our Radiothon so that we can continue to do these things are share hope across Perth and beyond!

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