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Christmas movies to make your heart feel happy | My top 3 picks!

Ratings: G or PG (appropriate for tweens and older)
Most people have their guilty pleasure shows/movies/books that they just love zoning out to, for me it’s TV Christmas movies. I just love them!!!
I know they take unrealistic to a whole new level, that they have terrible plots & that the messages behind them often go against all the beliefs I have as an independent woman. Yet I still love this time of year when a whole new batch of Christmas movies flood the tv & streaming apps.
There is something wonderful in the lead up to Christmas about films, however unrealistic they may be, that are full of hope, love & spectacular Christmas decorations.
So if you are busy wrapping presents or prepping food for Christmas day & have exhausted all the usual Christmas films, here are my top 3 picks of made for TV Christmas movies:
1. The Holiday Calendar (Available on Netflix)
Kat Graham (The Vampire Diaries) is spectacular in this Christmas movie about finding yourself, your long-lost career passions & the right person to support you through life. One of the more realistic yet still magical Christmas films.
2. A Song for Christmas (Available on Stan)
With messages about bullying, girls learning to support and not feel threatened by each other, the difficulties of finding the right parenting style along with a lovely little romance, A song for Christmas it is a great one to watch on your own or with your tween & teenage daughters. (also known as Christmas Solo.)
3. Finding Father Christmas (Available on 7Plus)
Staring Erin Krakow (When Calls the Heart series) & based on a Robin Jones Gunn novel this film reminds us of how much community with each other we can offer and how important that is.
So make yourself a plate of your favourite snacks, pour your favourite drink & get ready to feel all cosy & christmassy.
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