Christine V Sport: Squash

Friday, February 19, 2016 3:18 pm
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By Mike Atkinson

In this weeks Christine V Sport, Christine was sent to Squash WA in East Perth to take on World Squash Masters for the 50+ category, Sue Hillier.

 As Christine is a relative squash rookie – Sue set a fair challenge. The first to 11 points would win but Christine could take the spoils if she hit a target set at the back of the court.

Our Drive hosts confidence was at an all time high after winning the challenge last time out at Baseball WA but would she prevail this week?

Christine takes on world champ Sue Hillier at Squash WA

A brief history of Squash (from Squash Australia)

Squash was invented in Harrow school around 1830, when the pupils discovered that a punctured Rackets ball, which “squashed” on impact with the wall, produced a game with a greater variety of shots and required much more effort on the part of the players, who could not simply wait for the ball to bounce back to them as with Rackets.

Podcast: Christine chats to Sue Hillier and takes her on at Squash

The variant proved popular and in 1864 the first four Squash courts were constructed at the school and Squash was officially founded as a sport in its own right.

The first Squash courts in Australia were at the Melbourne Club created in 1913. The Concord Military hospital in Sydney contructed a court in the late 1920s, legend has it, for a visit by The Prince of Wales, an avid player.

squash rules

Squash rules. Source: BBC





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