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a UK health and safety education company has released a list of the most dangerous foods to feed your children. This was released after it was found that 80% of parents in the UK were unsure what to do if a baby is choking!

The company, CE Safety say that the most dangerous food to serve to children is hotdogs! Apparently, a hotdog is the perfect size and consistency to get stuck in a child’s throat.  CE Safety recommends hotdogs are chop up and peeled before serving.

Behind hotdogs, hard lollies, grapes and nuts are the top causes of food-related choking in children.

CE Safety’s list of food choking hazards for children


Even toddlers with fairly competent eating abilities shouldn’t be given popcorn. Un-popped kernels are hard and can easily get lodged in airways.

Hard Boiled Lollies

Children struggle to break down food that doesn’t dissolve quickly. Hard-boiled lollies do not dissolve or melt quickly when lodged either. So anything similar to the texture of hard-boiled lollies should be avoided.

White Bread

This is a lesser-known choking hazard. But, white bread can take on a pasty texture and build up in the back of a children’s through.

Crackers or Rice Cakes

Crackers and rice cakes have sharp edges that can scratch and harm a child’s throat. The combination of hard and dry texture that can’t be easily broken down can be a swallowing hazard.

Nuts and Seeds

When children have not yet had their molars come through, they can’t grind down these types of food.

Chunks of Cheese

Even smalls pieces of cheese can be a hazard due to its hard texture.


Doctors have issued stark warnings about grapes after a number of unfortunate chocking deaths in the last few years. While in theory, the texture of grapes may seem harmless, they are incredibly dangerous and pose a huge choking risk if children swallow whole. The size and shape of grapes mean that they can completely plug children’s airways, with the tight seal produced by fruit’s smooth, flexible surface making them tricky to shift with first aid manoeuvres.

Chewing Gum

The combination of the sticky texture and consistent chewing motion means kids can often get the gum stuck in the back of their throat.


The texture of marshmallows means they can glob together, and they expand in the throat making them high choking risks.

Skin on Apples

The apple skin can pose a risk as the skin is airtight and can block up the entire airway if a piece gets stuck in their throat.

Did any of these choking hazards surprise you?

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