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If you don’t know Mel from The Drive Show, here’s one quick fact: she LOVES animals. She loves animals so much so wants to share it with the family. So once a week she shares one of her favourite animal videos.

Early last year, this 3 year old chimpanzee named “Mussa” was rescued. “He was living with an expat … who also had three crocodiles in the house with him,” Itsaso Velez del Burgo, technical director at CRPL, told The Dodo. “We don’t really know if he was trying to sell him, or if he was keeping him as a pet.”

But the pilot that picked him up and took him to his new home, was in for quite a surprise. When Anthony Caere met Mussa, he realised he was not stressed out or anxious. To keep him in this calm mood, he decided not to put him in a cage. He let Mussa sit on the seat next to him, but Mussa didn’t like that.

He perched himself right on Anthony’s lap. They had an instant bond.

“But when I saw him and I made some chimp noises, he ran to me and jumped into my arms … so we immediately had a bond.”

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