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We regularly have the privilege of talking to our friend and natural therapy expert Mel Jaye from Eden Naturopathy. The last time we caught up with her, we were chatting about supplements for kids.

Have you ever thought about topping up your children’s nutrition with additional supplements, vitamins and minerals?

One great supplement for kids and teenagers is fish oil. Fish oil is great for boosting concentration and brain development. It can also help with skincare, eczema and dry skin. Calcium is another good one to help with teeth and dental hygiene. Taking Vitamin D and K will help with absorption and mineralisation of calcium into the body. 

If you want to boost your kids’ immunity, zinc and vitamin C can be taken daily. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant, whereas zinc helps with stretch marks from extreme or rapid growth. It helps repair the skin. 

Have a listen to our chat with Mel below:

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