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Today some sad news broke about beloved Build-a-Bear workshop, it’s closing down! Kirste’s girls all still have the bears they made at the workshop, so she was a little sad that future kids won’t be able to experience this.

After this story, Morro started reminiscing about what he played with as a child.

Morro's favourite toy was an Evel Knievel motorbike toy

Morro’s favourite child hood toy was an Evel Knievel toy. It was a little motorbike on which Evel sat and he slotted into a ramp that had 2 levers on it. One of these levers would rev up the back tyre and the other lever would shoot him off the ramp, into the air and through a hoop! Morro wishes you could still buy these toys so he could share them with is kids.

Joe from Bedfordale called up to tell us about his favourite Bat-Mobile. You could put little matches into the chrome pipes that stuck out and shoot them out like rockets! Listener Margaret had a “mumma-doll”, which rolled over and says “mumma”. She still has the doll but it’s a little creepy now as all her hair has been chewed off and her eyes don’t open properly. Gosh, they don’t make toys like they used to…

What toy from your childhood do you wish you could still buy?

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