The Child and Pet Friendly Christmas Tree

Thursday, December 13, 2018 3:58 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

It’s only the 2nd week of December but already my social media feeds are chocked full of Christmas trees. People decorating them or some already have their presents wrapped¬† underneath them. My cat-owning friends may not be so merry at the sight of their own Christmas trees though. Every day I see a different video of a cat right in the middle of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree or he’s tangled up in some tinsel or knocking baubles off the bottom branches.

Fortunately, a UK department store has seen this sorrow and developed a solution! This is Argos child & pet-friendly Christmas Tree!

child pet friendly christmas tree

The 6-foot faux pine features branches so high that your curious toddlers and pets can leave your decorations in peace!
(They also have a snow topped version)

What do you think family – would you try this next year?

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