3 updated laws to develop child injury prevention in WA

Thursday, October 24, 2019 10:41 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Scott Phillips from Kidsafe WA visited The Morning Show to update us on a few developments in child injury prevention that have been in the news over the past fortnight.

This includes:

1.       New laws on the design of quadbikes.

2.       New tenancy laws allowing renters to attach furniture to walls, and

3.       Age changes to the junior drag racing in WA.

New laws on the design of quadbikes

All new quad bikes will need to be fitted with crush protection devices within two years. This comes after the ACCC recommended the changes in response to fatalities involving rollovers.

New tenancy laws allowing renters to attach furniture to walls, Renters allowed to attach furnitures to walls

Laws to allow renters to fix furniture to walls to prevent death or injury to children from toppling furniture have passed through State Parliament. Landlords must allow tenants, who submit a request form, to attach furniture to a wall to prevent a child, or a person with a disability, from being hurt or killed.

Owners can only refuse the form request in very limited circumstances. Such as when the home is heritage-listed or if the walls contain asbestos. Tenants who attach furniture to walls will have to repair the wall at the end of the tenancy agreement.

Age changes to junior drag racing

The death of an eight-year-old girl who crashed while trying to obtain her junior drag racing licence has prompted our government to increase the minimum age to 10.



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