Child Care Centres Aim to Ban Toy Guns

Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:23 am
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Across Australia, child care centres are banning toy weapons in an effort to get rid of ‘violent’, ‘war’ games. These centres are prohibiting toy guns, plastic knives, pirate swords, bows, arrows even lego that is built into the shape of a gun.

The Australian Childcare Alliance of NSW will survey over 1600 child care facilities to find out whether there are policies and procedures in place for when children play these types of games arguing that toy weapons lead to detrimental changes in children’s behaviour.

Child psycholgist Dr Justin Coulson says  “the current evidence suggests playing with toy guns has no measurable impact on a child’s attitudes or behaviours.” Apparently there has been little high quality research into the issue and Coulson says it won’t matter what we take off the children, they will always find some way to play ‘goodie VS baddie’ games.

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