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The Brisbane Games is only 11 years away! Time to start planning the performances, opening ceremony and most importantly the mascots.

The 2000 Sydney Games, delivered an iconic trio. Olly the Kookaburra, Syd the Platypus and Millie the Echidna. But for the Brisbane Games, Dan thought we should think outside the box and use iconic Australian symbols. “Could we have a barbecue…a lawnmower with eyes? What if it was a sausage sizzle?” So on Brekky, Kirste and Dan wanted to know if The Family had any good ideas for mascots or Australian icons that need to make an appearance.

Some suggestions from The Family were:

  • A Quokka
  • Bluey
  • Bin Chicken (Ibis)
  • A Double Plugger
  • V8 Holden Ute named Bruce
  • Russell Coight
  • A Pavlova

If you have any ideas for performances, the opening ceremony or mascots let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below

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