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By Mike Atkinson | Drive producer and public relations officer

Think the humble $1 coin is only worth a dollar? Think again. There’s a rare $1 coin with a double rim, the result of an accidental printing error at the Mint back in 2000 have fetched more than $2,700 on eBay.

The so-called “$1/10c mule coin” — as it features elements of both denominations — was created when a worker mixed up the mould for the $1 and 10c pieces, creating a gold $1 piece that is thicker than usual with a double rim on the Queen’s side of the coin.

2 versions of the 1 dollar coin

The Australian Coin Collecting Blog said coins have been selling in auctions for between $425 to $2700 depending on the grading of the coin.

“The mule was made when a technician at the Mint in Canberra accidentally paired the mob of ‘roos dollar reverse with the Queen’s head obverse, normally used for the 10 cent piece,” the blog reported.

“It needs to be a year 2000-dated $1 coin. Then you need to look closely at the circular rim of the coin — is it thicker than usual on the Queen side, appearing doubled?

“If you think that’s the case then you might have a coin worth $1000 or more. The value of your rare coin will now depend on the condition. After spending 17 years in circulation, some coins are more valuable than others.”

1 dollar coin 1

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