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By Corey Sutton

This morning’s pump-up quote for hump day was the most inspirational yet. We were swamped with calls and texts repeating the same message: best way to wake up on a Wednesday. 

If you missed the quote from this morning, then don’t fret, we’ve got it for you here – plus the video that goes with it! Though this film was released over 70 years ago, you can’t help but feel it relates to today now more than ever. Listen closely to what is being said, do not miss a word. The passion behind what is being expressed is contagious. The emotion behind his heart is worn boldly on his sleeve.

Careful though, this winning Wednesday quote has the potential to bring tears to your eyes, stir your heart into action and question everything in life up until this point. You have been warned.

I must finish writing now, as I’m off to liberate the world and start revolution.

Do you feel that bubbling feeling that is welling up inside your chest? That’s awe, fear, grief and excitement mixed together. Use it and take today by the horns. Kick it’s butt and head to bed tonight exhausted from the good fight. Pursue that feeling and never let it go.

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