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Getaway host and former Hi 5 member Charli Robinson has a brand new baby. Just two weeks ago her family grew with the arrival of their second-born and we all know what that means. Somewhere between the equally chaotic and blissful bubble of no sleep, constant feeding and newborn cuddles, Charli still found time to have a chat with Bec this morning about something close to her heart (literally).

Charli Robinson "If you have a problem with breast feeding just look away"

“The stigma around breastfeeding is pretty old, but what scares me, is a recent study about how women feel about it,” Charli confessed.

New research reveals almost a third of Australian mums are embarrassed to talk about their feeding issues because of societal pressures, while two-in-five admit they feel isolated when breastfeeding their baby.

Charli shared a story about a time she was about to board a flight.

“My daughter was so fussy and she needed to eat. There were businessmen everywhere and one of them approached me because he saw how I was. He said ‘I’ve got lots of kids, you’re doing the best thing for your baby, she can feel your nervousness, so take a deep breathe and relax.’ I almost started crying because a stranger was nice to me! I thought he was going to tell me ‘don’t you dare get on that flight.’ “

So she relaxed and could feed! It was the kindness of a stranger that turned Charli’s world around. As she flies so much for work she had to conquer this challenge, if she couldn’t fly and feed, she thought she would’ve had to give up her job.

“That’s what a new mum needs, we’re so emotional. And when we do breast feed it’s not like our breasts are our flapping around in the breeze – the baby covers a lot!”

Charli also shared some advice for new mums returning to work.

“Get on the pump!” Charli is a huge fan of pumping, it meant that she could return to work. She recalls one day where she was shooting Getaway at Movie World. Her daughter was 18 months old and she had to pump in the public bathroom! But she didn’t mind because it gave her to freedom to continue working on her career.

The more we talk about this, the sooner the taboo will fade away and women will feel a lot more confident out in public caring for our babies. If you’re listening today, and you do have some issues with it, just look away.

Have a listen to the conversation we had with Charli below:

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