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From two of Perth’s busiest hospitals comes a new series: Children’s Hospital. The eight part series shines a light on the amazing frontline workers at Perth’s Children Hospital and Fiona Stanley, as they care for children across our state. 

The specialist teams at both hospitals must deal with every emergency imaginable, from a bead stuck up a nose to a life-threatening brain tumour. Each unpredictable day brings a new set of dramas. Executive Producer Julia Redwood joined Bec and Jeziel to tell us more about this heart-warming series. The development team was inspired to create this series during the Covid lockdown to give viewers a glimpse into the tireless work of the hospital staff. ‘We were so lucky in WA, where the rest of the world was closing we were able to access these wonderful hospitals and make a series.” 

The premiere episode follows the story of Louelle, who fell through the roof while helping her dad clean the gutters. Harper, whose dizzy spells turned out to be caused by a golf ball-sized brain tumour. Zavier, who needed emergency treatment after a fall at the same hospital where his mother was giving birth. As well as Mia, who pushed a bead up her nose and was scared to have it removed.  Join these kids and their families on their roller-coaster journey through the emergency department, and meet the inspirational doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who go above and beyond to treat and care for every one of them.

Image: Channel Nine

Children’s Hospital is premiering this Friday at 7:30 pm on Channel 9 and 9NOW. Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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