Census 2016 is tonight

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 3:07 pm
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Australian Bureau of Statistics | www.abs.gov.au

Head of the Census Program, Duncan Young said years of preparation have gone into the 2016 Census, to ensure it’s the easiest, safest and most accessible Census the country has ever had.

“Census night is a time for everyone in Australia to pause and provide vital information that will help shape the future of our nation,” Mr Young said.

“The information that will be given tonight will help estimate our population, which will be used to distribute government funds and plan for services for your community.”

Mr Young reiterated that it’s okay if you can’t fill in your Census form tonight. It can be completed in the coming days.

ABS Census 2016

“If you haven’t received your Census material, don’t worry. You can complete the Census after August 9 – you still have plenty of time and you won’t be fined for being late.

“Simply contact the Census Inquiry Service on 1300 214 531 or via our online contact form. To avoid expected long phone queues, please call after August 10.

“Just be sure to complete the form as if it were Census night as soon as possible. Census Field Officers will begin visiting households that have not completed the Census from late-August to ensure that everyone can take part.”

Those travelling overseas don’t have to complete the Census. Those travelling in Australia, will need to fill out a form wherever they are on tonight. People staying in a hotel, motel, caravan park or camping site will be provided with a form.

For people travelling remotely, forms will be available from truck stops and camp sites, and there are have Special Field Officers to provide forms to people living and travelling in remote locations.

The first results from Census 2016 will be released in April 2017.

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