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Best selling female gospel artist CeCe Winans joined Nigel from the Urban Gospel Show to tell us about her inspiration, advice for new artists and more.

This year she is celebrating the first anniversary of her album ‘Believe For It’. Her inspiration for this album was to create a worship experience. Because people weren’t able to go to church she wanted to bring that service into their homes. “I wanted to create an experience that would release the presence of God. To encourage other people to experience his presence.”

As a veteran in the industry, her advice to new artists is to prioritise their faith, “Make sure they are ministering out of their overflow. It is important to understand you are a believer first who happens to sing. My relationship with Jesus is more important than my career.”

CecC shared a memorable experience where her brother had a heart attack. Her father asked the doctor if he could pray for him and after a while, her brother was in recovery. “God brought him back. The doctor got saved the nurses got saved. That was a place that marked my life because we cried out and believed. We came together and prayed and God came through.”

Listen to Nigel’s full chat with CeCe below!


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