The Catholic Confessional and The Law

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 4:14 pm
Reading Time: 2 minutes

You may have heard in the news recently an Adelaide Arch Bishop has been put on trial for concealing the child sex crimes of a catholic priest. The arch bishop received his sentencing today: home detention. Today, Simon Creek managing director of HHG Legal joins Mike in the studio to open up the idea of the law in the catholic confessional. 

Simon dives into Catholic Church History, shares how Priests are taught to act and serve in the confessionals and explains what the future will entail regarding the law and catholic church.

“This situation may fly in the face of the modern day thinking of protecting children. This is one argument and I’m not unsympathetic towards it. On the other hand we do have to think of these other, very sincere, in many cases very Godly individuals. Who are simply trying to do the right thing according to what they’ve been taught and what they believe. So yes, let’s put ourselves in the position of, lets called them priests who fall outside the labeling that has been applied to them during the Royal Commission. So we’re talking about good people, spiritual people, who are trying to look after their congregations and take confessionals very seriously, who now have a serious dilemma, now that the law of the lands say they have to report everything but they’re being equally told by the church, their supervisors and employers that they must not comply with that law but respect the confessional seal.”

Simon shares his experience with other christian ministers who are relieved to know they have an ultimate responsibility theologically and politically to pass on and to protect people to the extent of passing on information, and would like to see catholic priests given the same liberty.

Read about the Arch Bishop here.


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