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Ah pets, our fur babies, our other children, endless entertainers, constant companions, givers of unconditional love … and silent assassins?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night only to catch your pet in some strange or naughty situation? Well, this man’s problem was that his cat was up to no good, but he had no idea. This man, known as ‘Greed’ on Twitter claimed he was having trouble sleeping. He was struggling to breathe through the night but had no idea why.

So did he see a GP? Nope… he set up a night vision camera in his room! It’s safe to say he found out what was causing his breathing troubles.

In the middle of the night, his cat was climbing on top of him and sitting on his face! It’s pretty amazing that he could sleep through all of that. After Greed posted to twitter cat owners from all over the world were quick to chime in with the strange positions they found their fur babies in during the night.


“I’ve woken up with my cat nose to nose just staring at me dead in the eyes, in the middle of the night.”


Twitter user Carol Benassi is lucky her giant Great Dane only sleeps on her while she’s on the couch! She might not make it through the night if he climbed on top of her!

Bec from the Mornings Show wants to know, what strange things do your pets do during the night?


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