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Two Perth high schools cancelled the production of Grease the musical due to its outdated themes. Female students at Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies’ College raised concerns over the sexist themes. So this year the schools are back with a production of Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

A bearded dragon was rushed into emergency surgery after its head got stuck in a toy pineapple. “Randy, the bearded dragon, tried to visit SpongeBob Square Pants yesterday and ended up in the ER. We’re not laughing at you Randy, we are laughing with you.”

Photo: New England Animal Medical Center/Facebook

A cat owner took his kitten to the vet to find out what was wrong with her. Turns out she was just sick of him. Harry Jones was worried about his kitten named Helen, who was peeing inside and scratching the front door. So he took her to the vet thinking she might have an infection. The vet informed him that there was nothing wrong with her, she just wanted her own space. “The vet asked me if anything had changed recently and I explained I’d had an operation on my ear a few weeks ago, so I had been recovering at home. She said I had changed Helen’s routine… she wants a bit of space’.”

Image: Triangle News

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