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Kirste and Dan carry buckets of water for Watering Day.

In Tanzania, 43% of people do not have access to clean, safe water. That is 23 million people – almost the entire population of Australia! The only water sources available are dirty, often shared with livestock and riddled with diseases. These pools, sometimes only puddles, are often far from the villages. So women and children, especially girls, carry the burden to collect water each day. Resulting in walking for many kilometres, often leaving them in vulnerable situations and not allowing them to attend school to receive an education. On average these girls will walk 6 kilometres each day, carrying 20 litres of water each trip. The water they collect for their families is full of diseases like E.Coli, Salmonella, Cholera, Hepatitis A and Diarrhea. Tragically this means a child dies every 90 seconds from a waterborne disease.
In the lead up to 98five’s Watering Day Kirste and Dan are trying to imagine what life in Tanzania would be like. So we filled up our buckets and took a little walk. It was only 26 degrees when we filmed this, compared to the blazing daily 30+ degrees that the Tanzanian women and children would trek in. Kirste and Dan found it hard enough just to walk up the street!
But there is hope. Water for Africa is installing water wells across the nation. In fact, they have already provided 3,700,000 Tanzania people with clean, drinking water – that’s the population of Perth twice over! But there is still work to be done. So on March 17th, this Thursday will you partner with us and Water for Africa to help end the statistic “one child dies every 90 seconds from a waterborne disease”?
It costs only $2.50 to provide a person in Tanzania, access to clean, safe water for life. It’s the easiest change you’ll ever make.

Give someone access to life changing, clean water here.

AND yes, we saw the irony of filling up our buckets in a few seconds with our tap!
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