Can you cob it? Dan’s Breakfast cob

Friday, February 19, 2021 3:30 pm
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An ever present staple at barbeques, dinner parties, and informal gatherings. A true hero, embodying the best qualities of both bread and cheese. A food which managed to be both self contained, and self serving. The cob loaf dip. Usually made from cream cheese, perhaps a little spinach or bacon. While reliable, the dreamers out there are surely thinking “there must be more…”


Dan's Cob LoafAnd there is. Or at least, we think there is. Truthfully, there’s only one way to test it. Being a massive cob loaf fan, Dan has often asked himself the question “can you cob it?” So, this year we’ll be collecting recipes. But not just that. We’ll collate recipes, ideas, fleeting glimpses from a cob-cluttered mind. Anything related to cob-thought will be archived, organised, and readied for cobbing.

Today, the cob in question was Dan’s Breakfast Cob. A fairly simple idea, mainly consisting of eggs, ham and cheese. Could this be the dippable breakfast we’ve all been waiting for? (Dippy eggs need not apply). To kick things off here’s the basic recipe we made up:

Dan’s Breakfast Cob Loaf


1 bread loaf, unsliced, or 6 smaller rolls

12 eggs

250g shredded Tasty cheese

150g ham, sliced


Whisk eggs in bowl, mix in chopped ham and cheese. Meanwhile, cut the top off your loaf/rolls. Keep the top as a lit, and hollow the insides. Keep the removed bread to use as dipping implements later. Fill the bread with the mixture, place top, wrap in foil and put in the oven for 45 minutes at 180 degrees. Check for progress, and when it’s nearly ready, remove the top to brown the top of the mixture. Add the removed bread to the oven tray to toast it slightly. Serve at your leisure.

The Verdict

A delicious and VERY breakfast appropriate food. The addition of cream cheese may help the dippability, but if it comes to it, you can just eat it like a normal bread roll or burger. 8/10.

To hear the full story, check out the podcast below:

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