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This is probably the favourite type of weather for every gardener who has been anticipating the first blooms of spring.

Mike’s regular Friday morning guest and Gardens From Eden‘s Colin Barlow brought in an array of camellias and spring flowers from his garden.

And as it was Daffodil Day this week, he also brought in three types of daffodils. The daffodil is a symbol of new life and rebirth — the reason the Cancer Council use the flower to represent hope for a cancer-free future.

Here were some questions from listeners that maybe you’ve been asking as well:

  • Can you suggest a flowering plant or one with interesting foliage I could put in a very large pot on my front path which has a hot north-east aspect?
  • I wanted to ask about soil acidity. What types of fruiting/veggie plants like what type of soil? And what fertilisers change the acidity?
  • Can I prune these large flat leaf plants without harming them?
  • My cinerarias seem to be thriving with palm-sized leaves. I’ve been feeding them with power feed but not a single flower, whats wrong?
  • Is it a good idea to plant pansies, marigolds, etc., at the moment? I need instant colour.
  • I’ve got seven blueberry bushes. Some are budding some are flowering and some have no leaves. I am thinking of transplanting cos they are in very small pots. Need to go bigger pot for greater yield. Is now a good time to do it?

If you’re wanting the answers to any or all of the above, listen to the full interview.

Podcast: Gardening Show with Colin Barlow — Friday 25 August

Hear Colin from 9am next Friday, when he will be talking about reticulation and how to optimise its usage.

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