4 ways to keep building communities during COVID19

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 11:53 am
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Allan Tranter from Creating Communities joins The Breakfast Show to share how we can continue to build communities and connections despite social distancing and self-isolation.


Building communities despite being isolated from COVID19

For thousands of years, we’ve been dependant on our neighbours for survival. The butcher,  the baker, the grocer the pharmacist, the teacher, everyone we needed was in our local community. If ever an outside tribe posed a threat, the entire community would bunker down and fight the threat together. I was dependant on you, whether I liked you or not!

As the industrial revolution came about and then the technological age, we became less and less dependant on others to survive. Hey – these human developments made it possible to just focus on ourselves and thrive not just survive.

For a very long time we haven’t needed to know our neighbours names or what they do. We didn’t have to care about the lonely lady on our street and no one had to care about us either. If we look back in time, the solutions were local. Yes, when we look at the pandemic it’s a global problem but it’s still a local solution.

Here are Allan’s tips to build community even in isolation.

Obey the health and government health responses.

We may be ok, but we may take it to someone who can’t survive it.

In 2 large country towns today, the local government will deliver an official “neighbour cards” to every resident.

We can adopt this! Check out these #viralkindness cards that you can print off and drop off around your neighbourhood. If you don’t have a printer, just write your details on a scrap piece of paper.

If you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask.

We need to be honest with ourselves and our family and friends.  Tell someone “I can’t leave my house, could you do my shopping for me.” Then when you can, pass it on.

Let’s connect in our street.

Try something fun, like a Sunday morning front yard picnic. Invite all the families on your street to get some snacks and sit on the front grass at 10 am. take the family out, wave to your neighbours, play your instrument, play street bingo or battleship with the kids across the street.

In the evening, have 5 pm drinks! Take your tea, or lemonade and sit out the front and use that opportunity to ask your neighbour if they’re ok.

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