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By Mike Atkinson | Drive producer and public relations officer

The average house in Australia takes more than 12 months to build and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars but a company in the USA has bucked the trend by doing it in just under 24 hours and for $10,000 USD.

How might you ask? Enter the 3D printer. Apis Cor — a 3D printing company from San Francisco, — claims to be the first company to ever invent a 3-D printer that can print buildings in whole on-site.

The Space is a cosy 37 square meters big and is located in Russia. Being built in a day, the cost was only a little over $10,000 USD.

All the main components of the house were printed with a concrete mixture, this included the walls, partitions, and building envelope.

Windows and furnishings were scheduled to be added later on along with a shiny coat of paint to the outside of the house.


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