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If you don’t know Mel from The Drive Show, here’s one quick fact: she LOVES animals. She loves animals so much so wants to share it with the family. So once a week she shares one of her favourite animal stories in Furry Tails.

Do we tell a lot of stories of unlikely animal friends? Yes. Are we going to stop? No. There are too many adorable animal best friends out there, and we feel we must relay this wholesomeness into your lives. It’s only fair that you get the opportunity to enjoy it as we did!

Enter: Bubbles and Bella. The 9 foot tall, 4-tonne African elephant and the black labrador.

Bubbles was rescued from Africa after poachers killed her parents during a relentless 20-year slaughter of the animals for their ivory. She was lucky enough to be one of the few rescued; many elephants could not be rehomed safely. She came to Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, when she was only 40 inches tall!

Myrtle Beach Safari had to build her a brand new enclosure that included a pool, which is how she met Bella. Unfortunately, the contractor that built Bubbles’ swimming pool decided to abandon Bella at the site. Fortunately, things worked out for the best, as the two animal developed an unbreakable bond!

Bubbles and Bella


They swim and play together all day long.

Bubbles and Bella

Bella climbs onto Bubbles’ back as she picks up Bella’s ball in her truck and throws it for the lab to fetch. This game goes on and on and on.

Bubbles and Bella

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