Dr Bruce Robinson says “Dads! Make friends!”

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 10:51 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

Each week on a Tuesday, Kirste and Morro are joined by a different dad in the local community who brings a message of inspiration and encouragement.

Dr. Bruce Robinson from the Fathering Project joined the guys on Brekky this morning to continue the discussion of dads needing good mates.

According to Bruce, the importance of dads having other key blokes in their lives is crucial, with loneliness in men on the rise:

“Men have a lot of acquaintances, but not good mates”

Males (when in a relationship) tend to rely on their partner organizing their social life, or parents of their kid’s friends to satisfy their needs, but there has to be more. Men need to find other men who share good values and latch onto them!

“You gotta be really intentional. You cant just wait for a bolt of lightning out of the sky. Find some people you really admire and spend some time with them”

You can listen to the full interview with Dr. Bruce Robinson below:

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