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Brothers Henry and Joss were crowned LEGO Masters for 2022!

The team claimed the title after a 28 hour build where they could create whatever they wanted. Their creation ‘Kaiju vs Mecha’ Crab’ was praised by Brickman as one of the biggest and most technical builds in LEGO Masters history. They joined Bec and Jeziel to tell us about the show and what they plan to do with $100 050 prize.

Image: Channel Nine

Two alternate ends of the grand finale were filmed, so Henry and Joss only found out they won last night. But it was easy to keep their progress on the show a secret from their friends and family. “Once I got home it was back to normal life. We had a couple months of silence.” Henry and Joss built LEGO together throughout their childhood but never on the same project. “The show was the first time we built together on the same stuff. So that was interesting to see how it was.

Image: Channel Nine

Before the show, Joss was well known in the LEGO community for his creative builds. So when he was approached by Channel Nine to apply for the show he decided to give it a shot. Now they plan to frame the $50 gifted to them by Hamish. “It’s too special to spend on groceries.” Joss plans to use the money to help plan his upcoming wedding and honeymoon.

What was your favourite LEGO build this season? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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