Bronte WOWS us with her INCREDIBLE story!

Thursday, June 10, 2021 1:21 pm
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On Wednesday Kirste was off sick. It’s called having a sick day and it’s totally normal. But for some reason Dan thought this entitled him to leave early on Thursday. Rather than waste time arguing with him, Kirste and Leon decided it would just be easier to let him go.

(Un)fortunately, that meant they were a man short for the radio show. Luckily, radio is a two sided medium! There are always plenty of interesting people on the other side of the speaker. So the call out was made to the listeners… Be Dan for a day! If your name is Dan/Daniel/Danielle, give us a call! Maybe you want to try your hand at weather, or traffic, give us a call! If you’re Ted DANson, DEFINITELY give us a call!

Dan from Redcliffe kicked things off with a very competent weather report out his window. He also demonstrated that he actually listened to the traffic reports. Full points to Dan there. Next up we had Bronte. While she wasn’t named Dan, she did promise us she had a story that could wow us. Or at least compel us to play the pre-recorded “Wow!” Dan has prepared.

It was a pretty big promise, those buttons don’t just push themselves. Luckily, Bronte was more than correct in her call.

Check out the podcast below to hear what Bronte said the blew us away!

We would like to lovingly start calling her Three-Bean-Bronte! Do you think the nickname suits? Join in the conversation on Facebook!

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