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Brodie, 98five Caller, Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels


Next week is Radiothon 2020 – And we want to celebrate all the Hope Stories from this year and the ones to come because we believe hope is worth sharing!

Next week we’re going to look at all of the incredible things we’ve accomplished together, despite a global pandemic trying to stop everything good in its tracks! So we’re asking you, The 98five Family, you have a hope story – has something happened to you this year that gave you hope? Or has 98five played a part of your hope story this year? How have we impacted you and how family?

Brodie phoned into the Classic Drive Show last night to tell his hope story:

“This year, other than Coronavirus, has been pretty tough. I’ve been doing my studies. I’m doing fourth-year honours, doing a thesis, it has been pretty hard. But I’ve also had a bit of a tough year with my wife. We had to go see a counsellor and stuff got pretty heavy and heated sometimes. But I decided that I needed to connect with God again and so I decided to you know, get the scriptures out read a lot more and listen to you guys. I only started listening to you guys at the start of the year. A friend got me on to it when I was talking to her about problems. So I starting listening to you guys to and from church and on the way to and from work instead of other stations. I just really felt like you guys really helped me connect to God again with the Lifewords and just the really family centred station. You definitely made a big impact on it. Now my wife and I are in a much better place. Same with my studies. I felt like I was able to really powerhouse through with it. I felt really welcomed by you guys. You’ve been a really, really big help.”

Have a listen below:

If you’d like to share your story, give us a call anytime on 9313 0800 – we’d LOVE to chat with you. Or feel free to leave us a message below.

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