Bringing hope to people during dark times

11 November 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Jessica has been listening to 98five for only 2 months but said we have made such an impact in her life. When she borrowed her mum’s car, 98five was on the radio and she hasn’t changed stations since. A few months ago she was going through a dark time and couldn’t seem to pull herself out. “I just felt like I didn’t want to be here anymore. I was wondering if it was always going to be this hard.” But listening to inspiring music and bible passages gave her hope. “Listening to 98five just puts a smile on my face. It just makes things less complicated for me.

Listen to Jessica’s story below.

Michelle has been listening to 98five for over 20 years! “I was actually from the country and then I moved to Perth and my sisters knew about it. We actually came to Radiothon 20-odd years ago.” Years ago when her family lost their farm, one of our announcers invited them on air to tell their story. “We were able to share a positive side to our loss of the farm. The mainstream media had kind of shown a different view. So it was nice to get the hope behind our family and the reason for our loss.” A few years ago Michelle also went through a dark time and mental burnout. “There were times you saved me from turning off the road basically at such a dark time. “If I can support you guys to help others then that’s what I’m doing. Because you guys saved my life and I know you can save multiple other lives.

Listen to Michelle’s story below.

We want to continue to be there for many more people like Jessica and Michelle who need hope during dark times. If you value 98five, if this radio station has made a difference in your life in some way make a tax-deductible donation now to 98five’s Radiothon.

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