Bring Back YoGo Dirt Dessert

Thursday, July 19, 2018 1:16 pm
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Brownes Dairy have heard the people and they are on the way to #BringBackDirtDessert! But in the meantime they have given us a recipe for us to make our own – who remembers Yogo Dirt Dessert? All you need is chocolate Yogo, your favourite chocolate biscuit and mini marshmallows!

What’s all the fuss about?

Brownes discontinued its YoGo Dirt Dessert in 2013 due to decline in sales. However, Brownes said the intense interest from over 10,000 people in the product has piqued the interest of the WA company.

On Friday 20th July, Brownes will welcome the public and protestors to their Balcatta Dairy to share their opinions and arguments on why the dessert should return.

“Since it was discontinued five years ago there have been online petitions but the protest is taking the committment to the next level! We will meet with the protestors and hear their argument to bring back YoGo Dirt Dessert. If there is enough demand – through an online petition and supporters’ attendance – we will consider bringing YoGo Dirt Dessert back for a trial period.”

At its peak, West Aussies devoured 12’000 tubs of Brownes YoGo Dirt Dessert each week. However, Brownes is currently unable to make Dirt Dessert due to needing to source new suppliers for marshmellows – a key ingredient.

For more info visit the Brownes Dairy Facebook event page.


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