Bring back the short shorts for men this summer!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 11:11 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

Fashion is not something that gets talked about often on Brekky, but this took a dramatic change when Morro professed his love for short shorts (aka footy shorts) on Brekky this morning. 

Morro claims that in his youth,  he wore footy shorts for 5 years straight!

Words like freedom, liberty and stylish were also thrown around, before Morro boldly announced short shorts are due for a comeback this summer, and he will be the man to pioneer this social movement.

Bring em’ back!

Like all trends, they need adequate public backing, so Morro opened the phone lines (much to Kirste’s disgust) and garnered support for the one popular fashion item.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the people demanded more footy shorts!

Have a listen to the public groundswell below:

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