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Guess what family? Brekky with Kirste and Morro are going to the Philippines, and we’re thrilled to have you — the family — joining us on this year’s trip…in spirit, that is.

Each year, CBM invites brekky shows across Australia to join them in making a difference in a country around the world. In previous years, 98five’s Brekky team has traveled to Tanzania, Nepal, and Vietnam.

This year, they’re traveling to The Philippines.

If you aren’t familiar with CBM’s Miracles Day, it’s very simple. Unfortunately in less-developed countries, a simple surgery like a cataracts eye operation is not as affordable or accessible as it is here in Australia. But through listener support on Miracles Day, a $32 donation covers the cost of surgery that can restore sight to people blinded by cataracts.


Kirste and Morro will spend a week in the Philippines broadcasting from the city of Bacalod, affectionately known as the ‘City of Smiles’.

Join 98five’s Miracles Day with CBM Australia by tuning in across the day on Thursday 17 August. For full information about Miracles Day, click here.


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