Brekky with Kirste and Morro back this Monday

Friday, July 15, 2016 9:31 am
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Corey Sutton | Brekky Producer

It’s been over two weeks since you’ve heard that country drawl of Morro and that infectious laughter of Kirste, but the wait is almost over. Kirste and Morro are back for Brekky on Monday the 18th of July!

To get you prepped for their return, indulge in some of their antics right here so you too can hit the ground running on Monday.


The late Eoin Cameron on Brekky

Who could possibly forget this momentous occasion for Brekky. The undisputed King of radio came in right where he left off, firing shots immediately at Morro.

meme 24-04-16

Kirste goes viral

How about Kirste’s Meme for Modern Mums that swept around the internet, making it’s way over to the U.K. Currently her face is crawling through the U.S. One day it’ll go full circle and return to Australia.


Spud Mountain 

Who could forget the time the guys tackled a Hot Chip Vending Machine, eating out it’s entire contents in a 3 hour Brekky show with the help of the family.


Damien Leith

The Irish winner of Australian Idol joined the guys to serenade the Brekky family with his haunting vocal ability.



The Daily Derby controversy

Finally, the debacle that was the Daily Derby for term 2. It caused such a stir both within the studio and the family listening that we had to call half time because the dispute of Morro cheating could not be resolved. The solution? Kirste and Morro had to provide the family with some half time entertainment.

I can’t wait for Kirste and Morro to return, it means I’ll be able to actually do some work!

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