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Will you be Brekky‘s Caller of the Week?

We have a lot of fun on the show but best of all we get to chat to you Family! It’s about to get a lot more fun because every week, cold-hard cash is up for grabs and all you have to do join the conversation! Every single person who rings into the Brekky show during the week will go in the draw to win. Whether you have a heartwarming story that will have us in tears or you just want to tell us about something cool you saw out the window, every person we talk to on the phone could be our Caller of the Week.

So save our number, 9313 0985 and don’t hesitate when Kirste and Dan ask to hear from you. Then keep your phone close by, every Friday morning we could be calling you and sending a $50 Visa gift-card your way.

Caller of the Week is powered by Aria Dental.

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